ABOUT US was set up as a low-cost way for companies within the Plastics Industry as well as other industry-related companies to promote their service. brings companies together all in one place - by everyone being in one place, this saves potential customers having to spend ages searching the internet to find what they need, as everyone is in one place together...


By advertising with your website will receive many benefits... With there are three ways you can advertise:-


"Main Page" Adverts

By subscribing to a "Main Page" Advertisement, your company can appear on our home page of the site - the main page which everybody refers to. The advertisement includes your company logo or other image, a short description of the site and a "button", which navigates to your homepage.

Main Page Adverts are the most popular due to the fact that they stand out the most, and potential customers can see briefly who you are and what you are about first - which will determine whether they choose to go to your website to see your products and services.


Because there are many adverts on our website, it is only fair that everybody receives a good position on the home page - we do not offer more to have an advert at the top of the page; instead all the adverts rotate around the page so that the order is never the same when you visit the site, therefore giving your company the opportunity in being top every on many occasions when potential customers are browsing - whether they are new visitors or returning.


A "Main Page" Advert with

A "Main Page" Advert with

Improving you internet presence...


By purchasing a Main Page Advert your company also establishes a presence on major search engines such as Google (below), therefore increasing your chances of being found by potential customers. By having a position on search engines with your main page advert as well as your position (if you have one) with your website, it makes it far more likely your customers will find you...


"" position on Google from - increasing chances of being found...

"" position on Google from - increasing chances of being found...


"Panel" Adverts

Also available from are "Panel Adverts" which are the advertisements on display on the right-hand side of the home page. Like the "Main Page" adverts, these rotate giving all customers an equal chance of appearing at the top of the page.


The number of "clicks" to your site from ours is all recorded, a report is sent to you by email frequently to give you an idea of how many people are visiting your website from ours.


"Banner" Adverts

"Banner" Advertisements are the adverts appearing at the top and bottom of every page of These adverts are popular due to the fact that they are on every page, whereas the others are only on the home page of our site... Although most of our users only use the home page of our site, people do browse around - whether they are making an enquiry or finding out how to contact us.


The Banner adverts appear at the top and bottom of each page (such as at the top and bottom of this page), and rotate with other advertisers so change every time you visit the site or browse around the different pages.

"Panel" Adverts with

"Panel" Adverts with


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